Global Competencies For An Ever-Changing World

Online Learning for the Next Generation of Change-Makers

It is time to shake things up and teach our young people how to use the technologies of the 21st Century along with how to use their voices to make a difference in their world.

Social Change Makers

Grade 8 Reach Ahead

Grade 9

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Grade 12

What We’re All About

All courses at R.I.S.E. Academy will offer a model that focuses on working on Global Competencies that are required to be successful in our ever-changing world of work. These include critical thinking and problem solving, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, learning to learn/self-awareness and self-direction, collaboration, communication, global citizenship, and sustainability.

Hear From Our Families

"I was pretty excited when I found out about RISE Academy and the Social Change Makers program Rebecca designed. It's a great way to help kids explore their interests, build confidence in shaping their own learning, and take action on important issues. The best part is that the kids learn that they get to define what success means for them instead of conforming to someone else's definition."

Karen, SCM 1.0 Parent

"I feel that Social Change Makers 1.0 is really important. It's fun and I've been learning about important things in the world like climate change, poverty and other UN sustainable development goals. I enjoy figuring out ways to help that fit my interests, such as our charity gaming stream to raise awareness and funds to go toward climate change. I like unlearning with Rebecca and I can't wait to be in Social Change Makers 2.0."

Brandon, SCM 1.0 Youth

"Well done Rebecca, what a great time hearing the students speak. Again one girl in my group said she did not know what her mum had signed her up for. But she has loved learning in a different interesting way - school she described as mind numbingly boring. So good. You are so brave to step out and go for it. To pursue your dream! You are part of a global revolution that is happening... it is exciting."

Joanna, SCM 2.0 Parent