Be World Class: The Mental and Emotional Development of the Athlete in Sports

What if you could become the athlete you want to be? In this experiential community learning program, youth will work with world-renowned Mental and Emotional Performance Coach, John Haime as their guide. Youth athletes will learn to be World-Class by Strengthening their Mindset (Mental & Emotional Muscles) and develop into the athlete they can be.

IDC30 – Interdisciplinary Studies – Sports Psychology

This course combines the expectations for Interdisciplinary Studies, Grade 11, Open with selected expectations from two or more other courses (HSP3C, Introduction to Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology, HPW3C Living and Working With Children, HIP4O Personal Life Management, PPZ3C Health for Life, PPL3O Healthy Active Living and Sports Psychology.

This course will help students combine the skills required for and knowledge of different subjects and disciplines to solve problems, make decisions, create personal meaning, and present findings beyond the scope of a single subject or discipline. Through individual and collaborative inquiry and research, students will analyse the connections among diverse subjects and disciplines; develop information literacy skills in analysing, selecting, evaluating, and communicating information; and become aware of a variety of resources and viewpoints on contemporary issues. They will also examine their own learning styles, relate their inquiries and research to real-life situations, and investigate career opportunities in new disciplines.

Prerequisite: None

Credit Value: 1.0

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Module 1 – Why Mental & Emotional Development for You? (12 hours)
Module 2 – Your Purpose & Values – Structure for Your Sport Performance & Life (8 hours)
Module 3 – Self-Awareness – A Key in Performance (8 hours)
Module 4 – Self-Confidence – Be Proactive! (10 hours)
Module 5 – The Impact of Emotions on Your Sport Performance (8 hours)
Module 6 – Building Your Sport Plan (8 hours)
Module 7 – Building Resilience & Grit (10 hours)
Module 8 – Building Your Emotional Caddie – The Most Important Voice in Sport (10 hours)
Module 9 – Post Sport Performance Reflection (8 hours)
Module 10 – Focus – Keeping Your Mind on the Sport Task (8 hours)
Module 11 – Imagery – A Key Tool in Performance (8 hours)
Module 12 – Perfection vs. Excellence – Building a Platform of Excellence (8 hours)

Term Work 70%

Social Media

Summative 30%

Personal Reflection
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$699   $549

The Mental and Emotional Development of the Athlete in Sports

PAF1O/2O/3O/4O – Healthy Living and Personal and Fitness Activities , Grade 9-11

In this experiential community connected program, youth who participate in structured and unstructured fitness programs can get credits that go towards their O.S.S.D.

This course enables students to further develop the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy choices now and lead healthy, active lives in the future. Through participation in a wide range of physical activities and exposure to a broader range of activity settings, students enhance their movement competence, personal fitness, and confidence. Students also acquire an understanding of the factors and skills that contribute to healthy development and learn how their own well-being is affected by, and affects, the world around them. Students build their sense of self, learn to interact positively with others, and develop their ability to think critically and creatively.

Prerequisite: None

Credit Value: 1.0

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Full Semester
Sept - Jan OR Feb - June
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Summer Intensive
1 month
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