R.I.S.E. Academy Hockey Tournament & Summit

R.I.S.E. Challenge Hockey Tournament and Summit on Diversity and Belonging


April 21- 23, 2023
Carleton University
Ottawa, Ontario

Last year R.I.S.E. held its first Hockey Tournament with the theme of inclusivity. We had the opportunity to have 65 youth and their parents engage in great hockey and meaningful conversation about the need for change in the sport that we love. This year we are growing the event into a three day tournament with the goal of attracting 24 teams, approximately 400 youth and their parents as well as hosting a 1 day summit focused on making hockey more inclusive for all. During the one day summit many stakeholders will come together that include players, parents, coaches, hockey executives, and the community where they will engage in hockey, fun, dialogue and a Call to Action.

Summit Theme

Given hockey’s 2017 Declaration of Principles, the current and ongoing issues of maltreatment by players, coaches as well as spectators, and the long overdue need for positive culture change for the survival of the sport, the theme for the Hockey Summit is “Changing The Hockey Culture: The Challenge And The Opportunity”.

Summit Objectives

  • Through the Hockey Summit, the R.I.S.E. Academy seeks to:

    • Engage attendees in the difficult conversations about the culture of hockey and issues of maltreatment in all their forms (e.g. abuse, bias, harassment, racism, etc.).

    • Explore, debate and share insights on creating a safer, more inclusive, positive and welcoming hockey environment for all.

    • Encourage attendees to be advocates and champions for culture change in their hockey organizations.

    • Recognize and honour individuals, groups or organizations for their efforts and initiatives to (a) make hockey accessible to racialized and marginalized youth, and (b) promote and advance positive changes in hockey’s policies, practices, programs and services.

Summit Schedule


8:00 am – 5:00 pm – Hockey Tournament – Sponsored by Leveragtek IT Solutions

Buses from The Boys and Girls Club, The Door Youth Centre and Pinecrest Queensway will bring youth to participate in a fun day at the rink.

9:30 am – Keynote Address Kim Davis, Executive Vice President of the NHL

10:15 am – Sponsored by Canadian Tire JUMPstart 

Panel  Discussion #1 for Coaches & Executives (Question: As hockey coaches and executives, what can you do to make the sport safer, more inclusive and welcoming for everyone?)


Ryan Gushlak – Director, Sport Safety – Gender Expression & Equity

Perry Wilson – U-22 Hockey Canada Women’s Development Team goalie coach

Rob Knesaurek – NHL Senior vice president of youth hockey and industry growth

Jaclyn Hawkins – President at Women’s Hockey Life Ltd.

12:00 – 1:15 pm Sponsored by the NHLCatered Lunch 

Panel Discussion # 2 on Allyship  for Youth and Parents  (Question: When witnessing incidents of maltreatment – abuse, bias, harassment, racism, etc. – in hockey as a player or parent, what can you do to be an ally?)


Brady Leavold – Founder of Puck Support

Moezine Hasham – Founder of Hockey 4 Youth

Rouba El Khatib – Participant Hockey 4 Youth

David Godwin & Vicky Deselliers – Minor hockey player speaking out about racism

Alex Vincent – Co-founder ottawa pride hockey

1:15 pm – Hockey Tournament 

2:00 – 2:45 pm – Follow up Workshop for Panel Discussion #1 Coaches & Executives 

–  Breakout groups for coaches and executives to address the question: As hockey coaches and executives what can you do to make the sport more safer, more inclusive and welcoming?

  –   Panelists from Panel  Discussion # 1 to join and lead group discussions

 –   Group note taker to report on perspectives on strategies and best practices during Plenary      Session

3:00 – 3:45 pm – Plenary Session (Feedback from Panels and Workshop)

  • Report of what came out of the workshop

  • Videographer to film session

4:00 – 5:00 pm – Summit Reception

–  Refreshments

  • Presentation of awards to those who are making a difference in hockey

  • Fundraising Auction

  • Networking

Post-Summit Information Package

  • Link to You/Tube videos of keynote address, panel discussions and plenary session

  • Summarized notes

  • List of useful resources and best practices on allyship, diversity, equity and inclusion

Sponsorship Packages

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