SCM Mini (Ages 7 – 9)

The SCM Mini course is an introductory course to the United Nations Sustainable Goals through a play based approach.  Each week will have a theme related to one of the UN SDGs and the youth in this program will work with their peers and their facilitator to understand the issue, learn about things they can do about it and then will act on it as a group.

Week 1: Get to know everyone.
Week 2: Seniors / Elderly
Week 3: Essential / Frontline Workers
Week 4: Friends / Family
Week 5: The Environment
Week 6: Homelessness
Week 7: Oceans
Week 8: Animals

Typical Daily Schedule (days subject to change depending on each group)

Monday – meet with facilitators and peers, play games and learn about the issue that they will be looking at for the week.
Tuesday – play games, read stories and brainstorm solutions together about what they can do to help with this issue.
Wednesday – play games, ask questions to a guest related to the issue and work on an action plan.
Thursday – Class podcast – interview people in the community related to the SDGs (Optional)
Friday – as a group implement group solution (examples could include making a video together, creating posters for awareness etc)