Social Change Makers

SCM – Mini (Ages 7 – 9)

The SCM Mini course is an introductory course to the United Nations Sustainable Goals through a play based approach.  Each week will have a theme related to one of the UN SDGs and the youth in this program will work with their peers and their facilitator to understand the issue, learn about things they can do about it and then will act on it as a group.

Week 1: Get to know everyone.

Week 2: Seniors / Elderly

Week 3: Essential / Frontline Workers

Week 4: Friends / Family

Week 5: The Environment

Week 6: Homelessness

Week 7: Oceans

Week 8: Animals


Typical Daily Schedule (days subject to change depending on each group)

 Monday – meet with facilitators and peers, play games and learn about the issue that they will be looking at for the week.

 Tuesday – play games, read stories and brainstorm solutions together about what they can do to help with this issue.

 Wednesday – play games, ask questions to a guest related to the issue and work on an action plan.

 Thursday – Class podcast – interview people in the community related to the SDGs (Optional)

 Friday – as a group implement group solution (examples could include making a video together, creating posters for awareness etc)

SCM Mini (Ages 7 – 9)

SCM 1.0 (Ages 10 – 14)

In this time of uncertainty we need to teach our youth how to be problem solvers.  If you are looking for a way to teach your children problem-solving skills, empathy, networking, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, global awareness, critical thinking, a growth mindset and much more than this course is just what you have been looking for.  At R.I.S.E. Academy we believe that all youth can make a difference by reaching out into their community, finding issues that they care about, coming up with solutions and implementing those solutions. This eight-week course will give your child the ability to work on their self-confidence, their social skills, and becoming aware of the world around them, all while giving back to their community and becoming social change makers. This course is not limited to youth in Ontario, we are hoping to connect with youth from all over the world.

Week to Week in SCM 1.0 

Week 1: Get to know everyone. 

Week 2: Learning to Unlearn / Learning to learn for oneself (Genius Week). 

Week 3: What do you care about? Connect with a Not For Profit 

Week 4: Research, Advocacy and Social Media Skills / Awareness Campaign. 

Week 5: Coming up with solutions to problems. 

Week 6 – 8: Implementing Solutions.


Typical Daily Schedule (days subject to change depending on each group) 


One on one chat with the facilitator to make sure that youth are doing well, set up a schedule for the week and answer any questions they might have

 Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 

Live online hangout with facilitators and classmates to discuss their daily activities, ask questions, chat and share what they are doing.


Group podcast for those interested in participating.

SCM 1.0 (Ages 10 – 14)

SCM 2.0 (Ages 10 – 14)

While not mandatory, it is recommended that those who sign up for SCM 2.0 have completed SCM 1.0.  SCM 1.0 will give youth the foundation and skills necessary for the SCM 2.0 program.  This program will have three main focuses including creating and answering weekly research related to passion projects, a community connected passion project and finally a collective endeavour.  

In SCM 2.0 there is an emphasis on self-direction.  Youth will be encouraged to work with their facilitator to choose and create projects.  With the help of the facilitator, they will create their own instructions and deadlines and learn to manage them accordingly.  Youth and facilitators will meet one on one at least once a week and in small groups twice a week.

Week 1:  Team Building & Instagram

Week 2:  Inspiration & United Nations SDGs

Week 3:  Questions & Research

Week 4:  Personal Endeavour

Week 5:  Group Project

Week 6:  Work on projects

Week 7:  Work on projects

Week 8:  Finish up projects and Reflect


Typical Daily Schedule in SCM 2.0. (days subject to change depending on each group)

 Monday  Meet one on one with facilitator / or work on projects 

Tuesday  Meet one on one with facilitator / or work on projects 

Wednesday  Meet with small groups 

Thursday  Class podcast

Friday  Meet with small groups – weekly updates

SCM 2.0 (Ages 10 – 14)

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